Xaccess config when VPN changes local IP

Holger Krull holger.krull@gmx.de
Sun Apr 29 23:54:00 GMT 2007

Terrence Branscombe schrieb:

> When I establish a VPN connection to my work network from my Windows
> system at home the Windows host IP changes from 192.168.0.X to an IP

Check if
!DisplayManager.requestPort:    0
is in your xdm-config. And check if xdm is really listening on Port udp/177.

> %RUN% XWin -ac -indirect %REMOTE_HOST% -from %LOCAL_HOST%
> where REMOTE_HOST is defined as my Debian hostname, and LOCAL_HOST is
> defined as my Windows hostname.

Are you sure you need indirect XDMCP and not just standard? (try -query
instead of -indirect).
Try the numeric ip addresses for REMOTE_HOST and LOCAL_HOST, LOCAL_HOST
needs to be the address send by the VPN gateway.

> I've tried redefining LOCAL_HOST to the
> IP address configured by the VPN gateway, and tried changing DISPLAY
> from localhost to the VPN-configured IP address as well.  The end result
> in all cases is the blank gray screen.

There is no need to set DISPLAY if you use XDMCP.

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