XDMCP remote login freezes for Gnome desktop, but not XFCE.

Dustin Harriman dustinharriman@gmail.com
Sun Apr 29 22:38:00 GMT 2007

Also Note: if I install packages tsclient and xnest in Ubuntu, I can
successfully do a XDMCP login on the Ubuntu box to itself. In other
words, I can have a gnome desktop within a gnome desktop just fine
this way (which uses XDMCP). So maybe it is a Cygwin issue somehow
after all...

I'm not sure where the bug is: Cygwin? GDM? Some Gnome component?
Maybe I need to install certain additional Cygwin packages related to
X.org on the Windows box?


On 4/29/07, Dustin Harriman <dustinharriman@gmail.com> wrote:
> Hello,
> I have a Windows XP box where I've installed the latest version of
> Cygwin (as of two days ago).  I want to have a remote Gnome desktop on
> an Ubuntu 6.10 box, where GDM has been configured to allow XDMCP
> logins.
> Using a Cygwin bash shell, I can log into an XFCE desktop just fine
> with the command "X -query sila :1", (then I choose XFCE session at
> GDM).  See attached screenshot cygwin_to_remote_xfce_no_problem.png.
> But If I choose Gnome session instead of XFCE, Gnome freezes as it
> starts up, showing only a grey rectangle in the upper left on a blue
> background.  See attached screenshot
> cygwin_to_remote_gnome_has_problem.png
> Cygwin seems to be doing its job well, as the X server has not
> crashed.  The problem seems to be in Ubuntu somewhere.  I can't find
> any helpful error messages in /var/log/ however (on the Ubuntu
> machine).  I've "tail -f"'ed syslog, messages, user.log, daemon.log.
> Has anyone one this mailing list seen this problem, and can you
> suggest a fix?  I'll also be scouring Ubuntu's launchpad bug database
> and user forums, and perhaps file a bug there.

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