Xaccess config when VPN changes local IP

Terrence Branscombe iwsldfpscwqn@spammotel.com
Sun Apr 29 18:07:00 GMT 2007

When I establish a VPN connection to my work network from my Windows 
system at home the Windows host IP changes from 192.168.0.X to an IP 
address sent from the VPN gateway.  I want to have graphical login 
access from this Windows system to my Debian system during these VPN 
connections, but I can't seem to find the magical incantation necessary.

The Debian system (and one other on my home LAN) provide XDM services to 
my Cygwin X server, but only when there is no VPN connection.  My 
/etc/X11/xdm/Xaccess file has only the following two entries activated:


and my /etc/hosts.allow file contains these entries at the top of the file:

# Allow general access to LAN hosts
ALL:        : allow
ALL:   192.168.0.       : allow

# Allow general access to LAN hosts during VPN connections
ALL:   xxx.yyy.zzz.       : allow

The command I start the X server with is this:

%RUN% XWin -ac -indirect %REMOTE_HOST% -from %LOCAL_HOST%
where REMOTE_HOST is defined as my Debian hostname, and LOCAL_HOST is 
defined as my Windows hostname.  I've tried redefining LOCAL_HOST to the 
IP address configured by the VPN gateway, and tried changing DISPLAY 
from localhost to the VPN-configured IP address as well.  The end result 
in all cases is the blank gray screen.

Any suggestions would be welcome!


 Terry Branscombe
[skype me at 'tbranscombe']
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