can't startup startx in cygwin

Holger Krull
Sat Apr 28 10:00:00 GMT 2007

Katherine J Merrill schrieb:
> Started poking around.  Decided to delete and reinstall everything. 
> Worked once, then would just get hung again when I "startx".  Went to

Did you use the same user on first and second attempt?

> I get these two errors from the log:
> could not init font path element usr/x11r6/lib/x11/fonts/100dpi
> and
> could not init font path element usr/x11r6/lib/x11/fonts/CID

These are not really errors, just messages about not existing fonts. I
assume almost everyone has these.

Send the output of cygcheck -s and the complete Xwin.log please.

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