x-mouse not raising: bug or incompatibility?

Tristen Hayfield tristen.hayfield@gmail.com
Fri Apr 27 13:05:00 GMT 2007


I have encountered an issue with X11 when using the x-mouse feature of 
the TweakUI powertoy in Windows XP. I have not been able to reproduce 
this bug/issue without X11.

To reproduce it, do the following:
1. enable the x-mouse feature of the TweakUI powertoy
2. minimise a taskbar-grouped X11 window
3. maximise a non-X11 window
4. click on the grouped taskbar button of the aforementioned X11 window 
and select it (raise it)
5. click on the taskbar button of the aforementioned non-X11 window to 
bring it to foreground
6. repeat step 4, and the selected window fails to come to foreground. 
This only happens for taskbar-grouped X11 windows and not for 'normal' 
taskbar-grouped windows.

Is this a bug? And, if so, does anyone with the knowledge have the will 
to fix it?

Thanks for your time.


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