FW: Wide char support on cygwin

Holger Krull holger.krull@gmx.de
Fri Apr 27 09:46:00 GMT 2007

Arthi N (RBIN/ECM2) schrieb:

> But I have included the needed header inspite of that I get the error 
> 	!) " error: ISO C++ forbids declaration of `wostream' with no
> type" 
> 	2) " error: `std::wostream' should have been declared inside
> `std' "
> 	3)"  error: `wostream' is neither function nor member function;
> cannot be decl
> ared friend"
> 1)	what could be the problem.

I assume you are using a more restrictive compiler now. What did you use
on unix?
Give the source that produces the error.

> 2) I had downloaded the latest cygwin from the net and installed. Is
> there any other library to be included while installation

None that i know about.

> 3) How do I know which version of STL is getting used in cygwin.

I don't know. I guess it is whatever comes with gcc.

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