Problem connecting

Holger Krull
Thu Apr 19 16:15:00 GMT 2007

Robert Dail schrieb:
> I cannot connect to our linux server using cygwin....there is an error. 

>AUDIT: Thu Apr 12 09:12:32 2007: 1512 XWin: client 18 rejected from IP

Are you sure that this isn't just your linux server that doesn't like
you? Is your X-Server working with local connections?

> I copied the cygwin folder and the cygwin shortcut on a Windows XP
> system that it is working perfectly fine on.  I pasted that folder and
> shortcut onto another XP system.  My network administrator said he has
> done this before and cygwin has worked fine.

Well then, ask him.

> Can we copy the program
> over to another computer this way without running the install/setup? 

Usually not. Registry entry's are missing this way (that means mount
points at least).

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