-silent-dup-error command line parameter not working?

Zheng-Da Tan tzdlist@gmail.com
Wed Apr 11 21:39:00 GMT 2007

This was a real bummer for me too, and none of the follow-up
suggestions met my needs, which is to have a clickable icon in Windows
that would open an x-term, starting the X server if necessary and not
complaining if one has already been started.

Scripting in Windows is a pain, but I finally managed to edit the
"XWin" line in /usr/X11R6/bin/startxwin.bat to read as follows:

tasklist | \WINDOWS\system32\find.exe "XWin.exe"
if errorlevel 1 %RUN% XWin -multiwindow -clipboard -silent-dup-error

and things are back to perfect :-)

The above was written for Win XP.  We have to specify the path to
Window's 'find' command, otherwise the cygwin 'find' will be used, and
the above lines will not work.  You can actually remove
'-silent-dup-error' from the second line, but I left it in so it will
be easier for people to match it to the original line in the file.

Best regards,


> I've been using Cygwin/X for several years, and I never had this
> problem before. However, I've recently installed Cygwin/X on my new
> system, and now I notice that XWin's -silent-dup-error command line
> parameter no longer seems to work.
> I startup Cygwin/X by creating a Windows shortcut that runs
> startxwin.bat. This will startup a XTerm window for me. When I want to
> start another XTerm window, I simply the same shortcut again even
> though XWin is already running. I depend upon the -silent-dup-error
> parameter to allow the second instance of XWin to fail without
> alerting me of the problem.
> However, on this new installation of Cygwin/X and run XWin with
> -silent-dup-error, I now get the error dialog box. The new Xterm still
> starts, but now I have to manually close the dialog box which is a
> minor pain. Has there been a change in XWin in the last 18 months that
> would cause this problem? Is there a workaround?
> How can I, in a Windows batch program, determine whether XWin is
> already running, so I can simply skip bypass rerunning the XWin
> command?
> --
> David Weintraub
> qazwart@gmail.com

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