No Keyboard with TrustedX11

Joachim Käßer
Fri Nov 24 16:57:00 GMT 2006

If I log on to remote linux-box via "ssh -Y user@boxname", after 
"startkde" I get a fully functional KDE-Desktop in fullscreen-Mode, but 
without Keyboard-Support. Every keystroke goes to the cygwin shell-window.

This Problem doesn't exist in multiwindow-Mode, if I log in without 
"TrustedX11" (option -X). I can use the keyboard in this mode but with a 
number of limitations. Most programms don't work in this mode ( like 
Insight-Debugger, that gives a "BadAtom" error).

Please can someone tell, how to use Trusted-Mode with a working keyboard?
Any answer will be appreciated.

My configuration is

local: Dell Dimension 4600, WinXP with Cygwin/X Release
remote: Dell Dimension 3000, SuSE-Linux 9.1 with KDE 3.1

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