Failed build of Cygwin/X

Fernando Mauricio
Thu Nov 16 19:16:00 GMT 2006

This is why I wanted to build Xserver:
last march I was using Xserver on my Windows XP, and
it worked (deactivating first Norton Internet
today, I've updated Cygwin, for example removing the
old cygwin1.dll, and now when I try to use XWin.exe,
it hangs.

The same problem with xcursorgen.exe happens with
XWin.exe: it does not even go into the "main"
function, but receives some trap or does some segment
violation but without dying the process.

Something has changed in my environment maybe Norton,
or Windows XP or the Cygwin DLLs.

Any idea what to do to get Cygwin's Xserver working?
Thank you!

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