gtk2/glib version mismatch?

Charles Wilson
Sat Nov 11 21:03:00 GMT 2006

The current version of glib2 on cygwin is 2.10.3-1.
The current version of gtk2 on cygwin is 2.6.10-1.

gtk2 (prior to 2.8.x) uses the GMemChunk interface.  2.8.x and later use 
the "slice" allocator.

glib-2.10.x deprecates the GMemChunk interface:

#if !defined (G_DISABLE_DEPRECATED) || defined (GTK_COMPILATION) || 
typedef struct _GAllocator GAllocator;
typedef struct _GMemChunk  GMemChunk;

Now, this causes no problems when building gtk2(2.6.x) *itself*, thanks 
to the GTK_COMPILATION switch.  However, many of gtk2(2.6.x)'s public 
interfaces use the GMemChunk symbol:

struct _GtkStatusbarClass
   GtkHBoxClass parent_class;

   GMemChunk *messages_mem_chunk;

This means that gtk clients may NOT compile with -DG_DISABLE_DEPRECATED. 
  Disallowing deprecated interfaces is a good thing -- because 
deprecated interfaces bitrot quickly.  However, on cygwin we're stuck, 
because our gtk2 packages are older than our glib, and use/expose 
interfaces that are deprecated in our newer glib.

Gerritt -- can you update the gtk* packages to 2.10.x?


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