Cygwin/X Authentication Config Issue

Mon Nov 6 20:04:00 GMT 2006

BZAG <bzag0 <at>> writes:

> The other related factoid is that all of this still comes over on port 6000.
> The fact that localhost:10 is used is neither here nor there as far as the port
> is concerned because the tunnel is already established before you logon.
> Anyone who plays with firewall logs will know that if you toy with the display
> number interactively on the remote server,
> it generally causes the remote machine to spit out on port 6000+displaynumber.
> This is NOT the case if you don't mess with the DISPLAY environment.

I spoke a bit too soon about the port.  The tunnel controls the port completely,
so port 6000 doesn't even show up in the firewall.  This makes sense, too,
because all of the packets are using the SSH tunnel which is controlled under its
own port.  The fact that a netstat -n on the remote machne shows port 6010 on the
localhost address is only an established listening post and is not used.  The
real traffic is going through the sshd tunnel and port.  And none of this is
sing any of the standard mechanisms for port forwarding (I am not using them in
PuTTY, for example), just in case anyone is wondering.

I'm done I hope.

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