Problems with terminal -tn setting TERM variable

Igor Peshansky
Sat Nov 4 05:41:00 GMT 2006

On Fri, 3 Nov 2006, Matt Wozniski wrote:

> On 11/3/06, Igor Peshansky <pechtcha@XX.XXX.XXX> wrote:

<>.  Thanks.

> > According to the xterm manpage, "This terminal type must exist in the
> > terminal database (termcap or terminfo, depending on how xterm is
> > built) and should have li# and co# entries. If the terminal type is
> > not found, xterm uses the built-in list ``xterm'', ``vt102'', etc."
> >
> > "xterm -tn ansi" and "xterm -tn vt100" both work.  You need to look at
> > your terminal database and figure out why xterm is not picking it up.
> Well, mystery solved, it's using termcap instead of terminfo, but why
> would on earth would two Cygwin xterm packages (mine and Igor's) use
> two different terminal capability databases?  The man page says that
> it depends on how it was built, but how could the two packages have
> been built differently?

Umm, actually, what I said was that I *could* reproduce your behavior.
My xterm also uses /etc/termcap.  No mystery here.  Both "ansi" and
"vt100" are in /etc/termcap, and "xterm-16color" isn't.

> Igor:  Does "grep '^xterm' /etc/termcap" give you more than just one
> line defining xterm-r6 and xterm?  I'm just trying to figure out if
> yours is also using termcap and your termcap entry covers
> xterm-16color, or if yours is using terminfo like it ought to be.

My termcap only has one entry for xterm.

As for whether xterm should be using terminfo, you might want to ask the
xterm maintainer to rebuild the package.
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