update cygwin and now X wont start!

BZAG bzag0@yahoo.com
Fri Nov 3 09:50:00 GMT 2006

I believe Windows Firewall has a setting for applications.  Some PC firewalls do
(the one I have does), meaning if the executable changes you have to tell the
firewall it's ok for it to go again.

Even though your post indicates it is failing at startup, the error is reporting
socket access issues, meaning the network and therefore involving the firewall.
 You should find a Windows Firewall icon in Control Panel.  Try poking around in
there.  I can't help you more than that because I don't have any XP boxes around
here, just W2K.  But I would start by looking for an entry for Xwin.  If WXP
does what it's supposed to do, when the exe changes it should turn off access at
the firewall.  The idiotic thing is that it should ask you for permission to
turn on again.  Unfortunately, it's not starting up enough for you to get to the
network to actually cause a popup request for access, and somehow the security
features probably in the firewall are locking out socket access.

One thing you CAN check, to see if it's the firewall, is turn off the firewall
completely before you start xwin.  If that doesn't work, my Windows paranoia is
also telling me to say that you might want to reboot with the firewall OFF and
try to start xwin when it comes back up, but you have to disable the service to
shut it off completely.  If you use another firewall like Symantec's, you have
to fiddle with that instead, for example, because that would substitute itself
for Windows Firewall.  Just in case you don't do much with firewalls, it goes
without saying that you should not turn off your firewall if you are on the
internet.  But it won't be so bad if you are behind a cable/DSL router that has
a builtin firewall/NAT router, because that will protect you for the limited
time you need to test.  Otherwise, if you are on campus Res LAN, for example,
don't do it!


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