ERROR: Cannot open X display

Larry Hall (Cygwin X)
Thu Nov 2 16:05:00 GMT 2006

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Luis G. Rivera wrote:
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>> Luis G. Rivera wrote:
>>> I have used Cygwin/X on two computer in my office and it works
>>> with no problems.  There are several users who cannot use the
>>> softwared.  One in particular gets the following error messages:
>>> ERROR: Cannot open X display.  Check display name/server
>>> access authorization.
>> [snip]
>>> This is the steps that I use in my office to run Cygwin/X:
>>> 1.	Execute “startxwin.bat”.
>>> 2.	On the window that opens I type: xhost +
>>>  Then I type: ssh –X
>>> 3.	I type my password and get in with no problem.  Then I
>>> type: setenv DISPLAY myipaddress:0.0.
>> This is wrong, if you used "ssh -X" then DISPLAY is already set (by ssh) and it
>> has a different value, usually localhost:10.0 for the first connection.
>> The idea is that ssh will tunnel the X connection through itself (thus
>> localhost) and it uses a configurable display number (the 10.0).
>> The reason it works from some computers and not from others is that even if the
>> X server exists at myipaddress:0.0 it could be blocked by any firewall between
>> computers; the ssh tunnel is the way to avoid being blocked.
 > Thank you for your response.  Now, the question is what are the exact
 > steps (if there are any) to actually get this to work?

Try skipping the "setenv DISPLAY myipaddress:0.0" step.

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