convert does nothing

Brian Dessent
Wed Nov 1 14:07:00 GMT 2006

Fergus Daly wrote:

> On my system (complete and up-to-date) the "convert" command achieves
> nothing. E.g. after
>         convert file2.jpg
> the prompt is almost immediately returned. No error msg. And no
> file2.jpg. How is it for you?

The problem is due to a packaging issue.  The 6.8.2 version of
xorg-x11-bin-dlls included DPS (Display PostScript) support, in the form
of /usr/X11R6/bin/cygdps{,tk}-1.dll.  The ImageMagick packages were
compiled with DPS support and require these two DLLs.  However, the team removed DPS support from upstream X11 releases (I think
because it was obsolete and not very useful anyway) and so the 6.8.99
version of this package does not include them.

So, to fix this, either the ImageMagick maintainer needs to rebuild the
packages using --with-dps=no, or the X11 maintainer needs to issue a
compatibility package containing those two DLLs.  Unfortunately the
latter does not exist, i.e. we have no X11 maintainer at the moment.

You can easily work around this, however.  Just grab the 6.8.2 package
and unpack those two DLLs from it.

This has, unfortunately, been reported a number of times with no result:
Add to that pile the number of "fixed font no workie because patch to
make fonts work with textmode mounts not present in 6.8.99 packages"
reports, and you'll find that the project is quite suffering from lack
of attention in the X11 package love department.


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