odd refresh problems

Derek R. Price derek@ximbiot.com
Wed May 31 21:44:00 GMT 2006


Wanted to file a quick bug report running the latest X available via the
cygwin.com setup.exe under Windows XP SP2.

I have a virtual desktop application that can cause X to do funny
refresh things.  It is not very serious, but I thought someone might be
interested in fixing it.  Since none of my native Windows applications
behave similarly in conjunction with the same application, I assume that
the problem lies with the X server (or xterm?  i don't use any other X
apps), though I have no idea if the problem can be fixed under the
current architecture.

Using MultiDesk (http://www.techsuperior.com/products/multiDesk21b.exe),
a freeware, X-like, virtual desktop switcher for Windows, and xterm, if
I switch from one desktop to another, and a window lies in a position
that would have overlapped another xterm window had they been on the
same virtual desktop, the new window shows active content from the other
desktop's window.  I say active, because if I was running something that
generated output like tailing a log or running `top' in the first
window, it continues to update in the overlapping part of the new
window.  This is a not-so-serious problem, because a single click in the
title bar of the new window makes the erroneous content go away.  This
also does not happen if the xterm windows overlapped any native windows
application, only if it overlapped another xterm window.

Please CC me on responses you'd like me to see, as I don't subscribe to
this mailing list.



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