ugly truetype fonts

Michael Livshin
Sat May 27 21:45:00 GMT 2006

(this must be a FAQ, only I can't find an answer).


I went into the /windows/fonts directory.

I've created a fonts.dir file there (tried ttmkfdir and
mkfontdir/mkfontscale, same difference).

did "xset +fp /windows/fonts/; xset fp rehash".

ugliness ensued.  note: I'm not talking about Gnome or KDE, since
those modern things render their fonts without using the X server.
I'm talking about Emacs, mostly.

the X server over at my Debian box shows the same fonts in the same
apps just fine.  I tried looking there to find the important
difference, but despaired at the sight of defoma...

any suggestions?


By filing this bug report, you have challenged the honor of my
family. Prepare to die!
                                        -- Klingon Programmer

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