Multiple Monitors on XP IBM T60

McCracken, Dennis
Thu May 25 13:36:00 GMT 2006

Wow, am I embarrassed.  My problem was solved when I rebooted Windows.  Some things never change :)  Sorry for the noise.

Dennis McCracken

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I'm using XP on an IBM T60 dual core laptop with an ATI Catalyst graphics accelerator.  I am also using an external monitor.  I have my laptop LCD screen set up as display 1, and the external monitor setup as display 2 using XP's built in multiple monitor support.  

I am experiencing the same problem described in a very similar thread by Ian MacKinnon in September of 2003.  X windows render correctly on the external monitor but not on the primary monitory.  They appear blank on the laptop screen and are ok when dragged onto the external monitor.  The solution to Ian's trouble was to use the -multiplemonitor option on starting xwin.  Unfortunately, this doesn't work for me.

 Any suggestions?

Dennis McCracken

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