Can't run graphical aplications

Brett Serkez
Fri May 19 12:08:00 GMT 2006

> I've tried to start several graphical aplications, like xmgrace, twm or xpdf
> and I get always the same message "Can't open display: " It seems there is
> no display configured for the X server.
> On the other hand, Xwin starts the Xserver with no error messages.

You must have the DISPLAY variable set to point to your X-Server, the
most likely setting to work would be  If you use the
xterm that should start with the X-Server, this variable should
already be set.  X is clinet server, without the DISPLAY variable, the
clients are you starting have no way to find the X-server.

> Since I'm new in Cygwin, perhaps I'm missing something. Any help on this
> issue is highly appreciated.

A familarity with UNIX/Linux would be advisable as this is the
environment that Cygwin is providing.  There are many sources of
information on this topic including The Linux Documentation Project


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