keyboard problem

Mehmet Uzunkol
Sat May 13 17:09:00 GMT 2006


I am using cygwin xfree application to connect a host server.
However, I have to use the keyboard settings at the host, other case it 
does not connect to the server.
Host server uses english keyboard settings, but I want to use turkish q 
type keyboard settings.
Using another program, I can handle this keyboard problem bu using a 
file storing turkish keyboard settings ( .xkb file)
That program is not good, carshes most of the time. Hence, I want to 
apply this keyboard settings to cygwin
When I read the cygwin xfree manual, it says that;

"Device - Keyboard:
    The first keyboard section is used for configuration. You can specify
    a special name via the -keyboard switch.
    All XKB settings are supported "

Unfortunately, I cant find a way to use that .xkb file for the cycgwin.
If you help me, I will be really glad.

Mehmet Uzunkol

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