Releasing mouse in -fullscreen

Danilo Turina
Thu May 11 14:37:00 GMT 2006

Brian D. McGrew wrote:
> Good morning,
> I'm running the server in -fullscreen -query <hostname> to remote into a
> machine and it's working great; except that I have multiple monitors on
> my machine and the mouse is stuck in the X-Server until I ALT-TAB out of
> it, in which case the server is [automatically] minimized.
> How can I release the mouse to other Windows applications without
> ALT-TABBING out of X and having it minimized???

I think that you can't.

At least as long as you run it as "fullscreen". Try it also with other 
fullscreen applications (e.g. games) you'll find that they are 
automatically minimized whenever you switch to some other application.

Instead you should try to not run X in fullscreen mode (i.e. removing 
"-fullscreen") and then you'll be able to switch to other 
application/windows without having X minimized.



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