Imake.tmpl: No such file or directory

Brian Jones
Thu Jan 19 15:53:00 GMT 2006


Started trying to compile a familiar Linux library under Cygwin and ran 
into a problem with the AC_PATH_XTRA autoconf macro which calls xmkmf 
which calls imake.  The trouble is that even with xorg devel installed, 
and therefore I do have a /usr/X11R6/lib/X11/config/Imake.tmpl, imake 
will still complain because it cannot find this file.  Based on strace 
it appears to look in the current directory, then in 
C:\cygwin\lib\gcc\i686-pc-cygwin\3.4.4\include\Imake.tmpl, then 
(C:\cygwin\usr\include\w32api\Imake.tmpl.  I can actually work around 
this problem by just doing a 'touch Imake.tmpl' in the current directory 
where imake is executed by configure for this macro test.  However, 
something is wrong here and I could not find a recent email about this 

To reproduce the problem, 'touch Imakefile;imake'.  Should result in the 
following output.

$ touch Imakefile
$ imake
Imakefile.c:9: Imake.tmpl: No such file or directory
imake: Exit code 1.


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