Serious flaw in Cygwin X clipboard integration prevents paste from X to Windows apps

Cary Jamison
Thu Jan 19 01:03:00 GMT 2006

Stahlman Brett typed:
> Igor wrote:
>> I'm not very familiar with the details of how the clipboard handling
>> is implemented in Cygwin/X (though I do know that there is a choice
>> of the external xwinclip application and the internal -clipboard
>> handling).  The way applications like Exceed seem to do it is by
>> relinquishing clipboard ownership on losing focus, and reacquiring
>> the clipboard on getting the focus.  Perhaps this approach will also
>> work for Cygwin/X?
>> Igor
> It might work, but that would require all X applications to implement
> a workaround for what appears to be a Cygwin X bug. This is the main
> reason the Vim owner wouldn't include my patch, even though it fixes
> the clipboard problem. I believe his reasoning is, "if the fault is
> Cygwin X's, then so should be the remedy". While I agree in
> principle, I will, of course, continue to use the patch until it's
> fixed in Cygwin. Incidentally, you mentioned Exceed having had to
> come up with a workaround as well. Is this problem known to the XWin
> developers? I didn't see anything in the TODO, but I can't imagine
> that something like this hasn't been reported by now.

>From your response I suspect you don't know what Exceed is.  It is not 
another X app that has worked around this problem.  It is a commercial X 
server for Windows.  Igor is suggesting how that other X server may have 
worked around this problem for all X apps, and their approach could be 
copied to the Cygwin/X server.


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