Mozilla, etc. via Cygwin/X

Igor Peshansky
Tue Jan 17 13:45:00 GMT 2006

On Tue, 17 Jan 2006, Chris Green wrote:

> Maarika,
> Please reply to the list, then everyone can help and learn.
> On Tue, Jan 17, 2006 at 02:11:10PM +0200, Maarika Traat wrote:
> > You shouldn't need any more packages assuming you have downloaded the
> > default set.
> >
> > ----------------------------
> > Yes, but in that case do you know what might be the problem, why the
> > window of Mozilla fails to come up?
> > -----------------------------

I wonder if this is the issue with untrusted X forwarding (i.e.,

> We need more information:-
>     What system you are running Cygwin/X on
>     What system you are running mozilla on
>     What commands you are running
>     What error messages you are seeing (if any)
>     What's in the Cygwin/X error log
> > I run my whole Linux desktop on my Windows PC without problems using
> > Cygwin/X (and xdm on the remote Linux system).
> > -------------------------------
> > You mean, you use the XDMCP option of connecting to the remote system.
> Yes.
> > I did not get very far when reading about this option. I just learned
> > that it was considered very unsecure and to be something to be used
> > only in the bounds of a local network. I may be completely mistaken. I
> I am using it within a LAN, it's not a practical proposition do do it
> over a larger/slower network.

Turns out it's possible to use ssh X forwarding to run XDMCP over ssh.
I'll give the same advice I gave a year and a half ago
(<>), but with a
twist: remove the quotes from the Google search string for a really cool
XDMCP over ssh recipe.

See below for the slower network comment.

> > tried to use XDMCP, and had the screen come up, but there was no
> > option to log in or to open any menus or terminals... There was
> > clearly something wrong about it the way it came up on my PC.
> The remote (client) needs to be running xdm (or a dolled up version
> such as wdm, kdm or gdm) as well and it needs to be configured right.

In addition, there's a whole XDMCP section in FAQ:
<>.  But if you
tunnel it through ssh, XDMCP isn't really running on the Cygwin/X server

> Having seen this second question of yours, are you trying to run
> mozilla across an ADSL or similar connection?  I very occasionally do
> this but it's very, very, slow - like it can take minutes for the
> display to update, I only do it if I absolutely have to.

If you do use ssh X forwarding, ssh compression may help.  You can turn it
up to +C9.
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