Mozilla, etc. via Cygwin/X

Chris Green
Tue Jan 17 13:10:00 GMT 2006


Please reply to the list, then everyone can help and learn.

On Tue, Jan 17, 2006 at 02:11:10PM +0200, Maarika Traat wrote:
> You shouldn't need any more packages assuming you have downloaded the
> default set.
> ----------------------------
> Yes, but in that case do you know what might be the problem, why the
> window of Mozilla fails to come up?
> -----------------------------
We need more information:-
    What system you are running Cygwin/X on
    What system you are running mozilla on
    What commands you are running
    What error messages you are seeing (if any)
    What's in the Cygwin/X error log

> I run my whole Linux desktop on my Windows PC without problems using
> Cygwin/X (and xdm on the remote Linux system).
> -------------------------------
> You mean, you use the XDMCP option of connecting to the remote system.


> I did not get very far when reading about this option. I just learned
> that it was considered very unsecure and to be something to be used
> only in the bounds of a local network. I may be completely mistaken. I

I am using it within a LAN, it's not a practical proposition do do it
over a larger/slower network.

> tried to use XDMCP, and had the screen come up, but there was no
> option to log in or to open any menus or terminals... There was
> clearly something wrong about it the way it came up on my PC.
The remote (client) needs to be running xdm (or a dolled up version
such as wdm, kdm or gdm) as well and it needs to be configured right.

Having seen this second question of yours, are you trying to run
mozilla across an ADSL or similar connection?  I very occasionally do
this but it's very, very, slow - like it can take minutes for the
display to update, I only do it if I absolutely have to.

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