ZoneAlarm Suite popen hang (ssh ForwardX11)

Brett Serkez
Fri Jan 13 19:18:00 GMT 2006


> Other than the usual issues with bash and sshd, I suddenly found that
> trying to use ssh with X forwarding hung.


Have not made much progress, however did find a work around that
others might find useful.  Also interested if others are experiencing
the issue.

In summary, the following hangs any time the the latest version of
ZoneAlarm Suite is installed:

ssh -X target

Note that -Y can be used in place of -X as can the options ForwardX11 or
ForwardX11Trusted in the ssh_config file.  The hang is on the client
running xauth via popen, details can be found in the original posting.

ssh -R 6001:localhost:6000 target
Last Login blah, blah,... 
$ export DISPLAY=localhost:1
$ xclock &

Not nearly as clean as having ssh perform the setup, but it does work.

Brett C. Serkez, Techie

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