Default directory is "C:\PROGRA~1\RATIONAL\RATION~1\NUTCROOT\mksnt\"?

Philip H. Schlesinger
Wed Apr 26 18:30:00 GMT 2006

Hi all.  I moved the following from my Environment Variables to a batch 
file, and now it works!  Thanks! - Phil

set TERM=nutc

Larry Hall (Cygwin X) wrote:
> On 04/25/2006, Charles Wilson wrote:
>> Larry Hall (Cygwin X) wrote:
>> > Without the benefit of all the info that 
>> <>
>> > recommends, I can hazard a guess that you have a copy of the MKS tools
>> > installed.  These tools will conflict with the like named tools in 
>> Cygwin.
>> > Your best bet is to remove them.  You'll likely find little 
>> advantage to
>> > having them both and you certainly invite difficulties if you decide 
>> to keep
>> > them both.
>> Not entirely true, Larry.  If he *were* to remove that installation of 
>> MKS, he would then discover that his Rational 
>> Rose/Clearcase/Clearquest installation was broken.  IBM's Rational 
>> toolkit relies on having those MKS tools available (and no, they 
>> cannot be coerced into using cygwin's tools instead). 
> Sorry Chuck and Philip.  There was no way for me to devine this possibility
> from information given.  If you're right, then it may be worth the work of
> separating them both and using them that way.

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