Default directory is "C:\PROGRA~1\RATIONAL\RATION~1\NUTCROOT\mksnt\"?

Charles Wilson
Tue Apr 25 04:35:00 GMT 2006

Larry Hall (Cygwin X) wrote:

> Without the benefit of all the info that <>
> recommends, I can hazard a guess that you have a copy of the MKS tools
> installed.  These tools will conflict with the like named tools in Cygwin.
> Your best bet is to remove them.  You'll likely find little advantage to
> having them both and you certainly invite difficulties if you decide to 
> keep
> them both. 

Not entirely true, Larry.  If he *were* to remove that installation of 
MKS, he would then discover that his Rational Rose/Clearcase/Clearquest 
installation was broken.  IBM's Rational toolkit relies on having those 
MKS tools available (and no, they cannot be coerced into using cygwin's 
tools instead).

(It's the automation stuff behind the scenes which requires MKS, not the 
cmdline 'cleartool' app; you can still call the cmd line 'cleartool' 
executable from cygwin if you want, without conflicting with MKS)

  If you want both installed, you must make sure that one
> environment doesn't see the other.  That includes manipulating your PATH
> appropriately and all your other shell variables.  In particular, you've
> already found that MKS has set SHELL to point to it's version.  

Yep, that's the key.  I simply set my cygwin dotfiles to override those 
nasty Rational variable values.
will do it.  (you can include the dir in which cleartool.exe lives in 
your cygwin PATH; that's a different dir than the MKS junk).

> likely
> see other problems like this as well.  As I said, the easiest thing to 
> do is
> to uninstall MKS and rely on the Cygwin version of these tools for your 
> needs.

Unless, of course, he actually wants to be able to USE the 
Clearcase/Clearquest/Rose tools AT ALL.  Which is likely, as he's got 
them installed.

> Obviously, you are free not to take this advice but your configuration will
> generally be considered non-standard by those who frequent the Cygwin 
> lists so
> further problems you may have as a result your MKS installation is 
> likely to
> fall on deaf ears. ;-)

Or, he could get it working and assist Corinna in testing the latest 

> - Reintroducing the dirent member d_ino.  1.5.20 tries hard to return a
>   useful d_ino value, which is supposed to be also the same as st_ino as
>   returned by stat(2) in all cases, regardless of the obstacles to do
>   this on Windows.  Do you have strange file systems like HPFS or 



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