Default directory is "C:\PROGRA~1\RATIONAL\RATION~1\NUTCROOT\mksnt\"?

Larry Hall (Cygwin X)
Tue Apr 25 00:02:00 GMT 2006

Schlesinger, Philip wrote:
> Hi all.  I just downloaded and installed Cygwin onto a Windows 2000
> Server computer.  I chose to do "All: Install".  After all was said and
> done, I started the Xserver, then ran Xterm via the Start Menu (as it
> didn't pop up on its own).
> I got a Xterm window for about 30 seconds with the following line:
> xterm: Could not exec
> C:\PROGRA~1\RATIONAL\RATION~1\NUTCROOT\mksnt\sh.exe: No such file or
> directory
> I copied sh.exe to the directory it wanted.  Now I get the following
> error when I open an xterm:
>      70 [main] sh 1676 child_copy: stack write copy failed,
> 0x22E4D0..0x230000, done 0, windows pid 2286596, Win32 error 5
> -C:\PROGRA~1\RATIONAL\RATION~1\NUTCROOT\mksnt\sh: fork: No error
> $ 
> Since I made my install directory C:\cygwin, why the heck is it now
> looking in someplace I never go to?  How do I fix this?
> Help!!!!!!!!!!!

When looking for help on the Cygwin lists, it's always best to read and follow
the problem reporting guidelines found here:

> Problem reports:

This instructs you on all the basic information a problem report should
contain, which keeps the responders to your pleas from having to ask for it
prior to helping you find your problems.

Without the benefit of all the info that <>
recommends, I can hazard a guess that you have a copy of the MKS tools
installed.  These tools will conflict with the like named tools in Cygwin.
Your best bet is to remove them.  You'll likely find little advantage to
having them both and you certainly invite difficulties if you decide to keep
them both.  If you want both installed, you must make sure that one
environment doesn't see the other.  That includes manipulating your PATH
appropriately and all your other shell variables.  In particular, you've
already found that MKS has set SHELL to point to it's version.  You'll likely
see other problems like this as well.  As I said, the easiest thing to do is
to uninstall MKS and rely on the Cygwin version of these tools for your needs.
Obviously, you are free not to take this advice but your configuration will
generally be considered non-standard by those who frequent the Cygwin lists so
further problems you may have as a result your MKS installation is likely to
fall on deaf ears. ;-)

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