problem with 3D application in cygwin --- OLD cygwin seems to work but not the latest.

Kin Yip
Fri Apr 21 00:32:00 GMT 2006


I'd just like to inform you guys that an OLD version of cygwin ( a 
version in 2002)
seems to work with the application "Opera" in 3D (running in Sun) that I 
last time.  But not the newest/latest cygwin.  ( If it's not clear, I'm 
cygwin in a Windows machine but I then ssh from cygwin to a Sun machine 
to start
the application "Opera". )

The XWin.log file is attached as last time.  I don't see any other error 
I hope somebody is willing to advise.   I can provide more information 
if somebody
lets me know what I need to do.


Kin Yip wrote:

>I've freshly installed the entire cygwin (including opengl) in my laptop.   When I start an application
>called "Opera" (calculating electromagnetic field) in another node after ssh, the 2D portion of it works 
>OK but the 3D portion just doesn't work properly.   I've attached the Xwin.log in this email.
>If I use something like "XManager" (their newest which supports opengl) and ssh (with their ssh) to login
>to the same node, the same application would work properly from that node "shown" in my laptop.
>I've made /usr/X1165/bin/X to point to Xwin_GL.exe.  I also know that opengl is kind of activated after
>I use ssh -Y ; otherwise (ie. if I don't), it'd complain about not having "GLX".   
>Is there something else that I can try to solve the problem ?
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