Repaint/redraw problems

Mehdi Alimadadi
Thu Apr 20 06:28:00 GMT 2006

Hi there,

Thanks Angelo for the response.  I tried adding +bs option but with no
result.  I checked that the option is actually set by using xdpyinfo 
command. Any other idea? (My original email below)

I use Cygwin (FreeXer) to connect to my university's Solaris network and
run Unix programs from my PC.  When I left mouse click and hold a corner
of a window to resize it, it seems to me that it tries to track the
movement of the mouse curser and start to update the window instantly.
So I could see several updates happening.  The problem is the window has
lots of graphics and it takes a while to finish the updates.  Even when
I have released the mouse bottom, it continues the updates until it
covers the whole window and then it only shows the graphics at the
original window size and the rest become gray ...

Is there a way to tell the software not to update the window until the
mouse button had been released i.e. the window resizing has finished?
Any hint is appreciated.


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