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Igor Peshansky
Sat Apr 15 19:59:00 GMT 2006

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On Sat, 15 Apr 2006, Herbert Eppel wrote:

> Some time ago I successfully installed cygwin on both my Windows 2000 PC
> and my windows XP laptop.
> However, space is getting a little tight now on my laptop, and I would
> like to remove cygwin for the time being.
> Is there a special procedure I should follow, or can I simply delete the
> cygwin directory?

If you plan to simply back up Cygwin and restore it at some later point,
then the mount information won't harm you, and you might as well just
delete the directory.  Same applies if you plan to reinstall later but
keep the directory structure the same.

Keep in mind that if plan to reinstall and have set up certain things
(like ssh user identity files, etc) that are referenced by some external
entities (for example, the ssh authorized_keys file on a remote machine),
you should either keep those around, or expect to transfer them again when
you reinstall (since the identity files will be regenerated by a new

If you really do want to delete all of Cygwin, see the FAQ:

FWIW, if all you want is to get some disk space, the following FAQ entry
might help: <>.

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