Unable to Launch Java GUIs on Solaris 9 using XCygwin installed on a windows XP

Soong, SylokeJ SSoong@ALLEGROMICRO.com
Fri Apr 14 19:27:00 GMT 2006

I am able to run 
without any problem.

I started an xterm on my solaris9 machine
but displaying it on my laptop cygwin/x.
Then, I executed 
java -jar Notepad.jar 

on that solaris9 xterm and the java notepad app
appeared as a cygwin/x window.

Are you able to run the notepad demo java application
from your solaris9 xterm?

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Case1. Any suggestions are welcome.

Soong, SylokeJ wrote:

I won't be saying I have the solution but I wish to clarify so that
I could try out what you are doing.

I need to clarify the part on
"We are unable to launch any of the Java GUIs using XCygwin."

Let's say you have your PC and your Solaris9 machines.

There are two possibilities. Let me know which case you are

Case 1.
You started cygwin/x on PC
You did a remote session (either ssh, telnet, otherwise)
from PC to Solaris9. You successfully displayed a Solaris9
xterm (or dtterm, telnet) on the PC cygwin/x window.
You were able to test run Solaris9 xclock to display on
PC cygwin/x window.
But when you attempted to run "java someapplication",
you encountered error (what's the error msg?)

Case 2.
You developed some java apps on Solaris9. You copied them to PC
and attempted to run those java apps through PC cygwin/X.

Case1 or Case2?

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