SSH X11 forwarding issues

Brett Serkez
Sat Apr 8 14:54:00 GMT 2006

> ZoneAlarm, but I have the remote PC in my trusted list.  Plus, both
> Cygwin/X/putty and X-Win32/StarnetSSH work fine, so this seems to be a
> Cygwin issue...

The only way I've been able to use either the -X or -Y switches is to
uninstall ZoneAlarm, shutting it down is insufficient.

The problem, atleast in my case seems to have something to do with
xauth getting stuck and never returning, it actually locks up to the
point of having to shutdown the X server and usually causes Windows to
hang when trying to logout or reboot.

This used to work, I have an older system that I use occasionally that
is running ZoneAlarm and an older version of Cygwin that I can use
-X/-Y and works great.  I've tried using this as a model to work
backwards to diagnose with no luck.

I've tried various times to debug and have given up, I manually set
the X display variable myself like:

ssh -R 6010:localhost:6000 target

then after login:

export DISPLAY=:10

Of course the issue is that I'm guessing on the target as to which
port is open, but so far this has worked for me.


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