(n00b question) How does one activate the scrollbar in an xterm?

Reid Thompson reid.thompson@ateb.com
Thu Apr 6 17:17:00 GMT 2006

Soong, SylokeJ wrote:
> I have not done this with cygwin-x before,
> but I do it with my sun solaris.
> Create .Xdefaults at home directory if does not already exists.
> google or man xterm should tell you more.
> Enter/append lines similar to these:
> xterm*scrollBar: true
> xterm*saveLines: 4000
> xterm*cursorColor: Red
> xterm*pointerColor: Blue
> xterm*borderColor: Red
alternatively invoke the xterm with the pertinent command line parameters...

xterm --help

xterm -sb -sl 2500 -sr ----etc, etc, etc

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