windows XP : cygwin -X server not opening

Soong, SylokeJ
Tue Apr 4 19:31:00 GMT 2006

Returning from three weeks of vacation (one week in Montana & then getting married in Israel), I am clearing my emails and I cannot resist but to defend Avinash. Or inadvertently, further add insult to injury.

"Imo - a Senior with amazing two years of experience should be able to ...."
get a feel how wide a field unix involves,
accept there are things unix one does not know,
argue there are things unix that are now beyond unix,
get help rather than brooding silently,
laugh away at a we-were-once-like-that-too comment.
I meant, a comment from someone we-were-once-like-that-too.

"Im(extravagant)o - someone with good years' of experience (perhaps, interviewing for a job) should be able to ...."
tell boundaries of his/her knowledge by discussing things he/she does not know beyond things he/she knows.

oops, did I mean with "years of interviewing for the same job" experience
or, did I mean with years of working experience and if he/she had to interview for a job?

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Dear Avinash,
from your CV:
"Senior software engineer with two years of experience on various 
platforms like UNIX, .."
Imo - a Senior with amazing two years of experience should be able to 
read the messages on his screen, look into a logfile and solve the 
problem within 5 minutes maybe while also taking a look into the 
Thanks for the funny post, it made me laugh a lot.
Ask the people where you bought your master. They may also sell you the 
solution to this.
Avinash Sridhar wrote:

>On 3/14/06, Avinash Sridhar <> wrote:
>>Many thanks to all the kind souls who have contributed to Cygwin.


>>Avinash Sridhar

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