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Benton, Kevin
Tue Apr 4 17:55:00 GMT 2006

> X runs in user space rather than as a server application.  The way
> X-windows users see things is that program that runs under startxwin
> the client application, not the server.  Server applications for
> are running programs (like xterm, emacs, etc.).  This may seem like a
> reversal, but there's a reason for that - the program producing the
> information is the server and the program displaying it is the client.
> So, if I want to display an xterm on, I can do that by
> xterm -display  That will cause xterm to serve itself
> the X client on instance 0.  If the client allows the
> to display information, the window will appear.  If not, the server
> get a rejection notice.  If the client rejects, the user can tell the
> client to accept connections by using "xhost".
> For more information, see...
> man xterm
> man xhost
> I hope this helps.

ARRG!  I got my server and client relationships backwards.  Regardless,
the rest of the info is still useful.  :)

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