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Benton, Kevin
Tue Apr 4 17:53:00 GMT 2006

> Hey guys,
> Total newbie here in relation to not only cygwin & cygwin/X but also
> UNIX... I'm a total windows slave.
> Anyway I've been given the delightful task of trying to configure
> and
> cygwin/X server for use on our systems.  But I've run into a wall.
> actually quite a few really but I'll get to the point of the first
> How do I enable cygwin/X server as a service on Windows 2k & XP?  I've
> read
> the help files and FAQ but although it said to use the
> script I'm at a lost as to how to do that.
> All I need for the moment is the ability to start the server first.
> rest I'll ask about later (if people are kind)

You may want to be a bit more specific about what you're trying to do.
As others have said, if you want to run X-based applications in Windows,
you need to use startxwin to start X.  I've created an entry in my
Startup folder that runs X for me.  From there, I can run X-based

X runs in user space rather than as a server application.  The way
typical X-windows users see things is that program that runs under
startxwin is the client application, not the server.  Server
applications for X-Windows are running programs (like xterm, emacs,
etc.).  This may seem like a role reversal, but there's a reason for
that - the program producing the information is the server and the
program displaying it is the client.  So, if I want to display an xterm
on, I can do that by telling xterm -display
That will cause xterm to serve itself to the X client on
instance 0.  If the client allows the server to display information, the
window will appear.  If not, the server will get a rejection notice.  If
the client rejects, the user can tell the client to accept connections
by using "xhost".

For more information, see...

man xterm
man xhost

I hope this helps.

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