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Igor Peshansky
Tue Apr 4 13:09:00 GMT 2006

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On Tue, 4 Apr 2006, John Rehill wrote:

> John Rehill wrote:
> > > Total newbie here in relation to not only cygwin & cygwin/X but also
> > > to UNIX... I'm a total windows slave.
> > >
> > > Anyway I've been given the delightful task of trying to configure
> > > cygwin and cygwin/X server for use on our systems.  But I've run
> > > into a wall.  Well actually quite a few really but I'll get to the
> > > point of the first one...
> > >
> > > How do I enable cygwin/X server as a service on Windows 2k & XP?
> > > I've read the help files and FAQ but although it said to use the
> > > cygserver-config script I'm at a lost as to how to do that.
> René Berber replied
> > Uh? where exactly did you read that?
> > > All I need for the moment is the ability to start the server first.
> > > The rest I'll ask about later (if people are kind)
> René Berber replied
> > Type startx in a Cygwin window.
> Oops sorry my mistake I was reading that in the cgywin user guide, about
> cgyserver and not in the cgywin/x server user guide.

FYI, the Cygwin/X guide may also mention cygserver, as XWin is compiled
with the SHM extension which won't work without it, but that is purely
optional.  Just so you don't get confused reading about cygserver there.
You do not *need* cygserver to run Cygwin/X.

> Since realising my mistake I've tried adding xwin.exe as a service,
> which worked but when I try to run a terminal window nothing happens.
> What am I doing wrong?

While it is possible to run XWin as a service (using a service wrapper
like cygrunsrv or srvany), it is not recommended, and will not do what you
want anyway.  XWin needs to run separately for each user, while the
service will be global to the machine.  You'll also have to allow
interaction with the desktop, and make sure the X server is started with
the right parameters.

If you simply want to start the X server before other programs, put a
shortcut to startxwin.bat (or "bash") into the user's Startup

> Thanks for the help btw...

You're welcome,
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