Newbie help

John Rehill
Tue Apr 4 03:18:00 GMT 2006

John Rehill wrote:

> Total newbie here in relation to not only cygwin & cygwin/X but also to
> UNIX... I'm a total windows slave.
> Anyway I've been given the delightful task of trying to configure cygwin
> cygwin/X server for use on our systems.  But I've run into a wall.  Well
> actually quite a few really but I'll get to the point of the first one...
> How do I enable cygwin/X server as a service on Windows 2k & XP?  I've
> the help files and FAQ but although it said to use the cygserver-config
> script I'm at a lost as to how to do that.

René Berber replied

Uh? where exactly did you read that?

> All I need for the moment is the ability to start the server first.  The
> rest I'll ask about later (if people are kind)

René Berber replied

Type startx in a Cygwin window.


Oops sorry my mistake I was reading that in the cgywin user guide, about
cgyserver and not in the cgywin/x server user guide.

Since realising my mistake I've tried adding xwin.exe as a service, which
worked but when I try to run a terminal window nothing happens.

What am I doing wrong?

Thanks for the help btw...

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