Basic question X - ways to skin a ... mouse

Herbert Eppel
Thu Sep 29 04:13:00 GMT 2005

On 29.09.2005 05:09 UK Time, Soong, SylokeJ wrote:
> Choices you have:
> 1. Hope you have a logitech mouse.
> Mine is a Dell Scroll with no "Logitech" logo,
> but it seems to work with Logitech driver.
> I have another, a Kensington which refuses
> to work with the util.
> Download their driver and mouse ctrl-panel util
> which allows you to exclude/include apps.
> I couldn't find it some time ago. Don't know
> if they still have it.

Thanks for this. Yes, I have a Logitech mouse, and I might look for that 

> 2. Place your finger on the slit between the
> two buttons just above the tail (cable) of the mouse,
> just after the wheel.
> You need only one finger to press both buttons.

Thanks for the tip, but my fingers are quite short and I think I'll 
probably find it easier to get used to the left/right combo than 
reaching over the wheel :-)

> X. I have a tablet PC.
> ... what have I got to do to make (Elton John's
> refrain in background) a middle mouse click
> when using the pen, if I do install cygwin on it.
> Would xp/tablet even detect cygwin input areas as
> text input areas - so that it would pop up a handwriting
> input+conversion pad. Got to try it. Middle button
> seems to be the hardest click ... it's sad, so sad ...
> Gotta go. G'nite.

Where are you? I just got up!


Herbert Eppel

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