Basic question X - ways to skin a ... mouse

Soong, SylokeJ
Thu Sep 29 04:05:00 GMT 2005

Choices you have:
1. Hope you have a logitech mouse.
Mine is a Dell Scroll with no "Logitech" logo,
but it seems to work with Logitech driver.
I have another, a Kensington which refuses
to work with the util.

Download their driver and mouse ctrl-panel util
which allows you to exclude/include apps.
I couldn't find it some time ago. Don't know
if they still have it.

2. Place your finger on the slit between the
two buttons just above the tail (cable) of the mouse,
just after the wheel.
You need only one finger to press both buttons.

X. I have a tablet PC.
... what have I got to do to make (Elton John's
refrain in background) a middle mouse click
when using the pen, if I do install cygwin on it.
Would xp/tablet even detect cygwin input areas as
text input areas - so that it would pop up a handwriting
input+conversion pad. Got to try it. Middle button
seems to be the hardest click ... it's sad, so sad ...

Gotta go. G'nite.

-----Original Message-----
Just one more thing for now: I think I may find it a little difficult to 
get used to pressing the left and right mouse button simultaneously.

Is there an alternative (without losing my double-click function for the 
scroll wheel button)?


Herbert Eppel

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