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Herbert Eppel
Thu Sep 29 03:49:00 GMT 2005

On 28.09.2005 22:56 UK Time, Brian Dessent wrote:
> Herbert Eppel wrote:
>>Just one more thing for now: I think I may find it a little difficult to
>>get used to pressing the left and right mouse button simultaneously.
>>Is there an alternative (without losing my double-click function for the
>>scroll wheel button)?
> Some mouse drivers (for example, Microsoft Intellipoint) lets you define
> actions for the mouse buttons on a per-application basis.  You could set
> it up so that clicking the mousewheel in XWin.exe does the default
> middle click, and clicking elsewhere results in the double-click.  I do
> this myself, and find it very productive to have different mappings for
> different applications.

Thanks for this. I have a (relatively old) optical Logitech mouse, and I 
can't see such an option in the mouse properties. Perhaps I simply have 
to get used to the left/right combination :-)


Herbert Eppel

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