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Herbert Eppel
Wed Sep 28 18:32:00 GMT 2005

On 28.09.2005 19:14 UK Time, Reid Thompson wrote:

>>I do have the scroll wheel button assigned to double click,
>>and I would
>>like to keep that setting, which raises the question of where exactly
>>I would have to specify -emulate3buttons (is it simply another command
>>line option after startx?) and what you mean by "both mouse
>>buttons" -
>>do you mean left and right?

> you pass it as a parameter to your X startup ( ala -clipboard
> -multiwindow )
> -emulate3buttons [timeout]
>         Emulate 3 button mouse with an optional timeout in
>         milliseconds.

Success 8-)

Thanks a lot for all contributions!

Just one more thing for now: I think I may find it a little difficult to 
get used to pressing the left and right mouse button simultaneously.

Is there an alternative (without losing my double-click function for the 
scroll wheel button)?


Herbert Eppel

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