Basic question 2 - Copy from Windows and paste to cygwin or X

Herbert Eppel
Wed Sep 28 17:44:00 GMT 2005

On 28.09.2005 18:11 UK Time, Igor Pechtchanski wrote:

> Please provide the exact steps you use to test the clipboard operation,
> and any messages or results that make you believe it doesn't work.
> Hint: X has multiple selection buffers; the clipboard support synchronizes
> what's called "primary selection"; some applications (e.g., Mozilla) use a
> different buffer for their selection storage.  It would also help if you
> posted /tmp/XWin.log (instead of those screenshots).
> 	Igor

Hi Igor,

thanks for taking the time to look at my screenshots.

The clipboard may well be working OK - it's just hat I was under the 
mistaken impression that I could simply copy and paste using the usual 
Windows shortcuts :-[

Now that "Soong, SylokeJ" has explained the situation I think I might be 
getting somewhere :-)

Thanks for the tip about /tmp/XWin.log - no doubt it will come in handy.


Herbert Eppel

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