Basic question 3 - system tray icon

Reid Thompson
Wed Sep 28 17:06:00 GMT 2005

Herbert Eppel wrote:
> On 28.09.2005 17:45 UK Time, Reid Thompson wrote:
>>>> highlight with left mouse button, paste with
>>>> middlebutton/scrollwheel 
>>> Highlight what?
>>> Are we talking about the same thing, or are you referring to my
>>> "Basic question 2"???
>> sorry -- meant to post that to the copy and paste question
> The plot thickens - "Soong, SylokeJ" thought you were referring to my
> question 4!? 
> Anyway, I'm still not sure what exactly you meant by "highlight with
> left mouse button, paste with middlebutton/scrollwheel" -
> would you care
> to elaborate?
> Thanks
> Herbert Eppel
> --

my mouse has two buttons + a scrool wheel that can be clicked.  clicking
the scroll wheel acts the same as clicking the middle mouse button of a
three button mouse.
so, i can highlight any text with the left mouse button ( or other means
), and then click with the the scroll button to paste into any other
application.  if you don't have a three button mouse, and don't have a
scroll wheel that clicks, you can try clicking right and left mouse
buttons very quickly one after the other -- on many systems this is
configured to emulate the button 3 click.

I highly recommend downloading rxvt and configuring it as your terminal
-- it is orders of magnitude better than cmd.exe in my opinion.


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