Basic question 3 - system tray icon

Herbert Eppel
Wed Sep 28 16:43:00 GMT 2005

On 28.09.2005 17:20 UK Time, Soong, SylokeJ wrote:
> No. He is telling you how to shut down with a single click
> rather than my right clicking and selecting "Exit".
> Which is answering your question 4.

Thanks, although I'm afraid I still fail to see Reid's single-click 
solution - but never mind, I think I am satisfied now that my own 
single-click solution (i.e. x in top right corner) is 'safe'.

> Also about your question 2, as someone else recommended,
> you should consider running either
> startxwin.bat or
> But doing that, whatever you wrote in ~/.xinitrc would
> no longer be effective because either of these startup
> files would not call .xinitrc .
> I prefer the bat file because I would need to first
> start cygwin bash in a win/xp cmd window to allow me to
> run the sh file, thereby leaving a win/xp cmd window around
> annoying you more than the X icon would.
> The bat file is not unix and you might be more familiar
> with it.

Thanks, I'll try and get my head round that some time, but shouldn't it 
work with -clipboard in the startx command line?


Herbert Eppel

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