Basic question 3 - system tray icon

Soong, SylokeJ
Wed Sep 28 16:16:00 GMT 2005

No. He is telling you how to shut down with a single click
rather than my right clicking and selecting "Exit".
Which is answering your question 4.

Also about your question 2, as someone else recommended,
you should consider running either
startxwin.bat or
But doing that, whatever you wrote in ~/.xinitrc would
no longer be effective because either of these startup
files would not call .xinitrc .

I prefer the bat file because I would need to first
start cygwin bash in a win/xp cmd window to allow me to
run the sh file, thereby leaving a win/xp cmd window around
annoying you more than the X icon would.

The bat file is not unix and you might be more familiar
with it.

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On 28.09.2005 16:48 UK Time, Reid Thompson wrote:
> Herbert Eppel wrote:
>>Can the cygwin X server be prevented from placing an icon in the
>>Windows system tray?
>>Thank you.

> highlight with left mouse button, paste with middlebutton/scrollwheel

Highlight what?

Are we talking about the same thing, or are you referring to my "Basic 
question 2"???


Herbert Eppel

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