a feathiable solution displaying Windows program on Linux via ssh / X?

Bobber Cheng bobber.cheng@cystar.cn
Wed Sep 28 11:01:00 GMT 2005

Hi, ago

I use CYGWIN_NT-5.1 with gcc 3.4.4 to compile cygpeace-0.0.0. 
tut it failed with error:


dll/ui.so/X11.cc: In member function `virtual HWND__* 
dll/ui.so/X11.cc:295: error: invalid conversion from `uint32_t*' to `UINT*'
dll/ui.so/X11.cc:295: error:   initializing argument 2 of `virtual 
HWND__** X11:
:GetChildWindowHandles(Window, UINT*)'

Bobber Cheng

Alexander Gottwald wrote:

>On Thu, 22 Sep 2005, Bobber Cheng wrote:
>>Had anyone found a feathiable solution displaying Windows program on 
>>Linux via ssh / X? If the answser is no, i beg X gurus to give me any 
>>advice how to implement it. Wine and VNC are not my choice.
>An alternative to Terminal client or cytrix is rdesktop. But besides that
>there is no working solution to wrap windows programs with X11. You might
>want to take a look at cygpeace which is not much more than a prove of 
>concept which allowed to export winmine over x11.
>Before begging X gurus (which btw is the wrong group to ask) you should
>check the win32-x11 archives http://sourceware.org/ml/win32-x11/ starting 
>with July - September, 2002 until July - September, 2004. Some techniques 
>for wrapping and redirecting windows GDI calls to X11 were discussed there
>but most of the initial activity vaporized after few months.
>Basicly there are a few ways which might work:
>- build a display driver which uses X11 as backend
>  x11_drv from wine might provide the conversion to X11 calls
>- wrap GDI calls from applications with own, X11 aware implementations
>  cygpeace aproach
>- Check how Terminal Client works and implement a backend which uses X11 
>  instead of RDP
>	ago
>BTW: Use rdesktop.

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